Are you really serious?

Coffee writingWhen there is a deep writing that has been brewing for weeks. Especially after not writing for a while, it really feels as thought the words want to make their way onto the pages. If I don’t watch it, they might even do that by themselves.

Recently I drove around to go to a place I knew, however something just said to take a different route. And there it was…a new coffee shop. As I went inside, the decor spoke of creative energy and everything I required to just BE. Great coffee combined with french style chairs with white washed details and flower design to give a hint of fun.

I quickly sat down and made myself comfortable. Now if you want to make me the happiest person, in some ways it doesn’t take much,  just give me a table for four when I’m alone.

Next to me a family sat down. And a little girl of about four looked over her mother’s shoulder. She briefly peeked at me and then busied herself with what little girls do at that age. Play and laugh and explore.

The one thing I noticed though was a V shaped ‘bump’ on her forehead. Like a birthmark but yet not a birthmark. For most people this might not have been something remarkable. For me though….it raised a question mark. Not because it was strange; to the contrary it was so familiar.

Yes, familiar. You see as a little girl I used to have a similar mark. Especially when I got really hot or angry and when I cried.

And as I thought  about it, it all became clear. I enquired with her mother what this was and she explained that it is known as a ‘stork bite’ a type of birthmark that fades as a child grows up.

How can I explain why this is important to know? Recently I’ve been wondering, working and exploring part of who I am. And in essence our beingness starts way before that which we cognitively can comprehend.

How much of you did you hide before the age of 2?
How much of you did you hide by the age of 7 or 12?

The important question that came up for me while looking at this child is this:

Was this really a birthmark or was it a mark that showed the ability to be sensitive to the world and what is going on around you?

Which capabilities did I hide away because I was so different?

What abilities have I always had to heal which I’ve never acknowledged?

Which abilities have I always had which I’ve buried deep away, because the little girl didn’t understand the intensity?

Where did I tune myself down because I could perceive that I was being just too much for everyone around me?

About a year ago I listened to a Tour of Consciousness video of Dr. Dain Heer the cofounder of access consciousness which says Nobody can be THAT Happy. As I listened to this video I was laughing and crying at the same time because that was so true for me!!!

On my journey of self discovery at one point someone told me about empaths. What they actually said is that they think that I’m an empath. To me it was just like…what the hell are you talking about?
An as I started reading up about characteristics about empaths I realized that indeed it was true. Here is an article that might give you an idea of some of the traits of an Empath.

But still it didn’t make sense not in the way I got clarity today.

See there was never a day that I’ve not been that.

The only difference is that I didn’t understand it. Didn’t acknowledge it. Didn’t allow it, didn’t allow me to just be me. 

Thinking back to my childhood. There was so much that I could perceive, and the only way I knew how to cope at that stage was to be really loud. Yet even that was just a way of functioning in a world that was strange to me. A world that I wanted to heal. And I could do that and I can do it and I am that.

My parents were always supportive. Let me clarify this, we’re not just talking about someone who is really gifted in their creative abilities. Someone who can do art and crafts and paint and draw.

These are actual abilities to help people calm their emotions. To heal. To inspire others to find their joy again.

What I know now is no child who is trying to please their parents can actually be true to themselves. Even at a very young age children want to be the good child.

Everywhere that you have decided that you need to be the good or perfect child are you willing to let that go please?


But please do yourself a favor, please allow yourself to be you. Without the seriousness. The one who has a hearty laugh, who has a sense of humour. Who loves doing hand stands at the most impossible moment. And even more…….

It isn’t that a parent is mean in requiring children to be perfect. To the contrary it could actually just be an ability from a child to sense, to such an extent that they change their personality, where people around them needs comfort and assurance.

A few days ago I watched a video on facebook from Sarah Heer Grandinetti a mother who is so proud of her 9 year old daughter for just being herself, and it touched me greatly. To see this video please have a look on vs3gravity facebook page.

This story was an eye opening moment to acknowledge that which I truly am. It made me see how if we understand the gifts that children have and if we are in allowance for them to use them and create with that it can heal the world in magical ways.

Once again this made me realize that children sometimes misidentify their joy for sadness, based on that which they learn form their parents and people around them. The adults don’t know different.

There where we are in allowance for others to be fun, and silly and filled with laughter  we also can allow OURSELVES to be fun and silly and the craziness we truly be.

It is a journey to heal the inner child.

There is so much more to heal through laughter. By being filled with joy.
It enables us to not hold onto the emotions, feelings that are placed upon on us from every direction.

If no one was watching and you allowed the release of the personal judgement you have been doing….What would you do or be different?

What would you choose?
What would you create?

Are you ready to step into your capacities??? If you aren’t yet, would it be a contribution to you and your body to get your bars run? Here is more info on what The Access Consciousness Bars  are.

If no one was watching and you had no one watching which dance would you do in celebration of YOU.



Choosing intimacy with me


Thinking back to all the adults throughout my life I now realize that…There wasn’t really good examples of beautiful relationships around me. Yes, there were many people who chose to be together, and go through all the difficulties of life together in the form of being married. But truth be told, they weren’t there to create more together.

‘A relationship is a commitment to one another that as long as you can be a contribution to each other, ‘we’ choose to spend our time together.’

The community I grew up with gave most of the power to the men. To take care of everything, choose the important things, and to a lesser extent the woman only had more of an acknowledgement of that which was already decided.

Yet, I believe in a different kind of relationship. One in which love prevails throughout anything. Where allowance and vulnerability is keys to a relationship that communicates needs and even the occasional utterance of the need for ‘space’. Yes I believe there is nothing wrong with wanting to do something by yourself.

Sometimes we forget the value of having beautiful relationships with the ones we love.

For most of our lives we choose a partner based on other people’s concepts and values about… who a perfect partner is. What we require in a relationship. More than that we mimic that which our parents chose and created. Or to the contrary resist what they were so much that we create the opposite, yet keep that cycle deep inside.

This all happens almost ‘automatically’ without much consideration.

What would happen if you ask yourself a few questions before committing to anyone apart from yourself?

What is it that I really desire in a partner?

What kind of person would I want to choose everyday?

What kind of person would I be able to be with this person?

Which contribution can we be to each other?

What if that which you would like to choose for you is completely different than that which everyone else expected from you, different from what they would have chosen for you, yet you know that, that is what you want in your life?

I always knew I would find someone just for love. I knew I would be able to take care of myself, financially, emotionally and spiritually. Today that is more true than ever.

To me this is what it comes down to…

‘I don’t need you. And you don’t need me either.But I choose you everyday!’

This is what I can say to my boyfriend, and how blessed I am to have someone who understand me for who I be.

The other day I had the loveliest encounter with a couple on their way to their holiday. From the US they were traveling to Bhutan. For those of you who don’t know Bhutan is a small country next to Nepal, not much bigger than Switzerland.

While they were having their dinner I overheard a brief conversation which went something like this….

‘I read you like a book’ while giving him something from her plate…

‘yes, indeed’ ‘At least a well read book, that is’

….both laughing… ‘Yes that is true’

Their constant conversation spoke of childlike curiosity. A tongue in the cheek humour that allows them to explore their relationship as something that is ever changing.

Later on they even joked about this being their honeymoon ( I guess they must have been married for 30 years plus). How does it get better than that?

To choose each other everyday. That is the biggest gift you can be to each other.

‘To choose another for who they truly are, one first has to choose oneself as being the most important person in one’s own life.’

From that is created a loving relationship. One that only a few in this world choose to create.

If you would like to change something in your life and relationships I would suggest to start by watching this short video 5 Rules of intimacy as a guideline.  It sure changed my point of view. In truth it isn’t about the relationship with others, not even with your husband or wife, it all starts with YOU!!!

What intimacy with yourself are you resisting that if you were to choose it would change your life forever?

Ask yourself this every day for the next week. Even better ask yourself this everyday for the next week while standing in front of the mirror.

Friendship a different kind of Love

friendshipI have a confession for today.

My last years at school went past without any major glitches. I’ve always been & felt somewhat different.

It is only now that I know how different.

You see deep inside I’ve always known that we all have gifts and abilities.

In school I blended in with a group of friends who were all the left-over, odd ones out who stuck together. No judgement for that. Needless to say, more than a few of them were also the people who were lost for where to go and what to do next with their lives.

At one point , after seeing a cycle in which I had a third group of friends who were not respecting me. They did value (to some extent) me but respect was missing. And if you don’t respect me you are no friend at all. I love myself to not need that in my life.

I pretty much got to a day where I said no more. No more friends. No more wasting time. No more messing around. I’m done with this. (Just to make it clear in the bigger picture I am very grateful to all of them for allowing me to step into who I be).

So yes I was selfish enough to take time just for me. To do what I loved doing, reading and writing. And driving around listening to audio recordings.  In this time I was introduced to Mooji who gave me invaluable lessons through his Satsang recordings.

You are probably wondering…how did she get on without friends? Well there are always the ones that are there no matter what. A rare few, the kind who even after not speaking for what seems like ages you pick up the phone and they give you so much love that it can sustain you, for a while at least.

This period of doing my own thing enabled me to explore that.

Till now I’ve been searching for the tools from outside. As if the perfect list of things to do will change your life. And as by magic I found that these things from outside is there to guide us in realizing that we have the power inside, we have the creativity to create anything, we have the ability to make situations come together like an orchestra conductor.

That is you ‘ruling’ your life.

In looking at this situation there is one underlying belief which I didn’t notice.

A new friend Tamara Stegeman, amazing creator and inspiration to all around her asked me some questions around the people I have in my life. If you didn’t know, asking a question opens up a new possibility for things to show up in your life.

Some of the questions were something like this….

What is the role of friends?
What type of friends would enable me to create more?
Which kind of people would be fun to hang out with?

My confession is this:

In this conversation I had these words come out of my mouth – which to my surprise- I had to go….did I just say that?

More importantly is that the belief I have about this?

Wow ok great now I know.

And I choose to change it no matter what!!!

So you want to know what my belief was….??!!

‘I can create more without friends, they will just hold me back’

Interesting point of view, I have this point of view.

In exploring this topic and belief more I’ve found a few valuable aspects to consider.

When is the right time to let go of a friendship? Am I being a contribution to them and are they being a contribution to me?
When is it ‘ok’ to allow it to just frazzle out? Do we have connection points which are the kind of things I would like to stay in connection with someone for.
What are they choosing to create in their lives? Are they there for the victories or the hardships in my life and their own?
What kind of activities would I like to do with my friends?
Are they committed to being active in my life? And if not so does that still work for me?

One of the videos from Blossom Benedict she ( ) reads an expert from a book which says….
The best friends to have are those who are there for your victories to celebrate with you. Those who don’t even know that you had the hardship. Otherwise you will create the ‘problems’ and ‘situation’ just so you can have more connection points to these friends.


Why was it so important for me to discover this belief? 

Because, how much of my capacity to receive did I cut off by taking on this belief?

Even though I wasn’t actively thinking about it, something like this is like an automated button. So when you see someone wants to approach you. Connect to you. Talk to you, you already put extra barriers up. Because if I allow them to enter closer into my life and who I be then I cannot be what I want to be. How much resistance to connecting to people is there within this belief?

What interesting points of view.

Since yesterday was Valentine’s day I was thinking about the love between friends. And it made me have a deep gratitude for the friends in my life. More than that it made me think about love in itself….we can never have enough love in our lives…we are love.

Sometimes we need friends to remind us of that. Of that there is no limit of ourselves to give to others.

I choose to change this…

What would I like to create my friends circle as???
These days it can look so much different than was possible a while back. I am able to meet people all around the world. And talk to them online and even meet them for a day in a city.

I am lucky enough to be able to make friends. All different kind of friends. Because no one is the same. It is only now that I realize that just as throughout this journey I was searching for someone who would value my passions, value my gifts and that I am different. There is someone out there who is searching for a friend who is able and willing to appreciate them for who they be. And that in itself is called a friendship.

I love being silly, and laughing really deeply, and being childish. Sometimes I can be quite serious and structured and all of that (that is probably a bit of my Gemini coming through) but I know that my friends can joke about it. Pull a face at me while I’m being all serious.

This is the time for me to invite new friends and more love to enter into my life.

If your are ready to make some changes in this area, how to connect to friends,  or any other area of your life if you didn’t know I run this amazing, pretty much life changing, process called the Bars. It can change areas of your life which you have been struggling with since childhood. And what if you could get some clarity on why you do something in a certain way?

I am excited for more friends to show up in my life. What would you like to change for you?

If you want to join me to explore more on stepping into your power please stay tuned here. This is my journey of stepping into Abundance and Joy. 






Stepping into Silliness!!!

One of my favourite questions to ask is….

What else is possible which I haven’t even considered yet?

Have you asked this question?

Try it it works!!! New possibilities open their way into your life, instantly, like magic.

If you see it working for your relationships with your children or loved ones try it in finances or work. You might just get more than you ask for. Keep in mind though it might just — and will FOR SURE — show up in a completely different way and form from that which you though it might.

The last week I was in beautiful Vienna. Oh wow. My life will never be the same again.

Firstly I was there to be part of International Bars day and even bigger than that I was there for the Choice of Possibilities class (COP) of Gary Douglas.

So these words might not make sense. You might not even know what COP or Bars are, that’s ok. Just know that it is one of the most amazing transformational things I’ve ever known.

It’s not even a system or part of any specific religion, spirituality or all the things that might work for a while but you just get tired of.

It is much bigger than that. WHY???

Because Access Conciousness is something that:

EMPOWERS you to know that you know…

Do you know that you are amazing?
That there is nothing wrong with you? That you have always made the best decision for you with the info you had at that moment?
Did you know that all the PROBLEMS in your life you have created? And did you know that you can uncreate them as well?

Let me ask you this…. Is there more power in undoing a problem or in having no problem in your life at all? 

That’s a tricky one for most. 

So what is next?

As I walk around I see the beauty of every moment, every interaction and there where my gift (which I’ve focused on developing over the last two years ) is to sense, feel and shift and change my own and other people’s energies through talking and doing body processes.

The energy moves so quick and smooth that it makes explosions. Revealing its potential for where I can assist you in making chages. I feel so blessed that I can do this.

And I love it!!!

A wonderful ‘new’ friend and creator Tamara Stegeman  asked me the other day after meeting her for the first time…what is your story? Just so you understand we spent three amazing days exploring new possibilities, doing body proccess and magic with and on each other. These three days was like a full lifetime spent together. – Hope to see you soon love-

So what I meant to say is she asked me this question and after a few sentences of telling this story I gasped an air bubble. The kind that takes your words out of your mouth.

The one that says ‘there’s absolutely no worth in what I am saying here because it isn’t true’ or at least it isn’t true for me any more. 

That moment made me realise and re-analise my ‘story’ and my life and what I’ve done and been creating and ALL the conclusions and limitations. 

I’ve hidden what I’ve experienced. Not with any specific justification but just because we somehow think that other people’s journey is much more important than ours. The people I’ve been following and admiring for what they do and create and how they interact with others has caused me to ‘judge’ my progress and how I interact with others. 

But now after my Choice of Possibilities class I know there are even more choices like that.

 I CAN be as silly as I want to be! Hooray!!! Finally!!!

I love jumping up and down. And laughing my ass off. And that there is always something to be CRAZY EXCITED about. I don’t have to ‘contain’ myself like I did as a child. Yes I chose to be serious and be ‘perfect’. That isn’t much fun. I would rather be the crazy, outrageous, fun person I truly be and if others want to judge me for being too much of that or too powerful in what I am able to facilitate others to create then LET IT BE SO. 


I will be ME no matter what!

As I rewrite my story and tell it as it truly is and how I have changed and outgrown all of that which was holding me back I wish that YOU join me in my exploration of everything and anything that comes up for me. 

VS3Gravity is a lifestyle consulting business, that is what I do. If you didn’t know;  the name VS3Gravity actually was created from my story of search for truth and personal growth. 

So if you would like me to facilitate you in releasing your old story and creating you as what you want to be book a package with me. 

My definition of success is that whenever I speak to someone if they feel more enthusiastic about their choices, their life and what they have chosen and can choose I am a great success in that moment. And in the next moment I aim to outcreate myself by being even more. 

What is the COP well I cannot tell you. In truth it is so good that I would almost like to keep it secret from others, like you.

But truth is it is an aknowledgement of how magical you and I are, and how we can change everything.

My few steps to change anything in your life

Firstly look at what you have chosen.
Why have I chosen that? —No judgement allowed —
Ask a question…. What else is possible, what do I want to create, what would I like my life to be like in 5 years or 10 years?
And lastly after getting an answer or an idea remember to not only choose but act upon it.
You can always use a clearing statement to shift anything have a look on

Be the change, be the energy that is required!!!

Don’t even talk about it just do it.

Lastly have FUN doing it. Laughter heals. You are magic.

Thank you for joining me Susanna de Bruin on my first letter of 2017.
Also follow me on VS3Gravity facebook page. PM me for bookings and more info.

Gratitude is all it takes!