Stepping into Silliness!!!

One of my favourite questions to ask is….

What else is possible which I haven’t even considered yet?

Have you asked this question?

Try it it works!!! New possibilities open their way into your life, instantly, like magic.

If you see it working for your relationships with your children or loved ones try it in finances or work. You might just get more than you ask for. Keep in mind though it might just — and will FOR SURE — show up in a completely different way and form from that which you though it might.

The last week I was in beautiful Vienna. Oh wow. My life will never be the same again.

Firstly I was there to be part of International Bars day and even bigger than that I was there for the Choice of Possibilities class (COP) of Gary Douglas.

So these words might not make sense. You might not even know what COP or Bars are, that’s ok. Just know that it is one of the most amazing transformational things I’ve ever known.

It’s not even a system or part of any specific religion, spirituality or all the things that might work for a while but you just get tired of.

It is much bigger than that. WHY???

Because Access Conciousness is something that:

EMPOWERS you to know that you know…

Do you know that you are amazing?
That there is nothing wrong with you? That you have always made the best decision for you with the info you had at that moment?
Did you know that all the PROBLEMS in your life you have created? And did you know that you can uncreate them as well?

Let me ask you this…. Is there more power in undoing a problem or in having no problem in your life at all? 

That’s a tricky one for most. 

So what is next?

As I walk around I see the beauty of every moment, every interaction and there where my gift (which I’ve focused on developing over the last two years ) is to sense, feel and shift and change my own and other people’s energies through talking and doing body processes.

The energy moves so quick and smooth that it makes explosions. Revealing its potential for where I can assist you in making chages. I feel so blessed that I can do this.

And I love it!!!

A wonderful ‘new’ friend and creator Tamara Stegeman  asked me the other day after meeting her for the first time…what is your story? Just so you understand we spent three amazing days exploring new possibilities, doing body proccess and magic with and on each other. These three days was like a full lifetime spent together. – Hope to see you soon love-

So what I meant to say is she asked me this question and after a few sentences of telling this story I gasped an air bubble. The kind that takes your words out of your mouth.

The one that says ‘there’s absolutely no worth in what I am saying here because it isn’t true’ or at least it isn’t true for me any more. 

That moment made me realise and re-analise my ‘story’ and my life and what I’ve done and been creating and ALL the conclusions and limitations. 

I’ve hidden what I’ve experienced. Not with any specific justification but just because we somehow think that other people’s journey is much more important than ours. The people I’ve been following and admiring for what they do and create and how they interact with others has caused me to ‘judge’ my progress and how I interact with others. 

But now after my Choice of Possibilities class I know there are even more choices like that.

 I CAN be as silly as I want to be! Hooray!!! Finally!!!

I love jumping up and down. And laughing my ass off. And that there is always something to be CRAZY EXCITED about. I don’t have to ‘contain’ myself like I did as a child. Yes I chose to be serious and be ‘perfect’. That isn’t much fun. I would rather be the crazy, outrageous, fun person I truly be and if others want to judge me for being too much of that or too powerful in what I am able to facilitate others to create then LET IT BE SO. 


I will be ME no matter what!

As I rewrite my story and tell it as it truly is and how I have changed and outgrown all of that which was holding me back I wish that YOU join me in my exploration of everything and anything that comes up for me. 

VS3Gravity is a lifestyle consulting business, that is what I do. If you didn’t know;  the name VS3Gravity actually was created from my story of search for truth and personal growth. 

So if you would like me to facilitate you in releasing your old story and creating you as what you want to be book a package with me. 

My definition of success is that whenever I speak to someone if they feel more enthusiastic about their choices, their life and what they have chosen and can choose I am a great success in that moment. And in the next moment I aim to outcreate myself by being even more. 

What is the COP well I cannot tell you. In truth it is so good that I would almost like to keep it secret from others, like you.

But truth is it is an aknowledgement of how magical you and I are, and how we can change everything.

My few steps to change anything in your life

Firstly look at what you have chosen.
Why have I chosen that? —No judgement allowed —
Ask a question…. What else is possible, what do I want to create, what would I like my life to be like in 5 years or 10 years?
And lastly after getting an answer or an idea remember to not only choose but act upon it.
You can always use a clearing statement to shift anything have a look on

Be the change, be the energy that is required!!!

Don’t even talk about it just do it.

Lastly have FUN doing it. Laughter heals. You are magic.

Thank you for joining me Susanna de Bruin on my first letter of 2017.
Also follow me on VS3Gravity facebook page. PM me for bookings and more info.

Gratitude is all it takes! 


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