Are you really serious?

Coffee writingWhen there is a deep writing that has been brewing for weeks. Especially after not writing for a while, it really feels as thought the words want to make their way onto the pages. If I don’t watch it, they might even do that by themselves.

Recently I drove around to go to a place I knew, however something just said to take a different route. And there it was…a new coffee shop. As I went inside, the decor spoke of creative energy and everything I required to just BE. Great coffee combined with french style chairs with white washed details and flower design to give a hint of fun.

I quickly sat down and made myself comfortable. Now if you want to make me the happiest person, in some ways it doesn’t take much,  just give me a table for four when I’m alone.

Next to me a family sat down. And a little girl of about four looked over her mother’s shoulder. She briefly peeked at me and then busied herself with what little girls do at that age. Play and laugh and explore.

The one thing I noticed though was a V shaped ‘bump’ on her forehead. Like a birthmark but yet not a birthmark. For most people this might not have been something remarkable. For me though….it raised a question mark. Not because it was strange; to the contrary it was so familiar.

Yes, familiar. You see as a little girl I used to have a similar mark. Especially when I got really hot or angry and when I cried.

And as I thought  about it, it all became clear. I enquired with her mother what this was and she explained that it is known as a ‘stork bite’ a type of birthmark that fades as a child grows up.

How can I explain why this is important to know? Recently I’ve been wondering, working and exploring part of who I am. And in essence our beingness starts way before that which we cognitively can comprehend.

How much of you did you hide before the age of 2?
How much of you did you hide by the age of 7 or 12?

The important question that came up for me while looking at this child is this:

Was this really a birthmark or was it a mark that showed the ability to be sensitive to the world and what is going on around you?

Which capabilities did I hide away because I was so different?

What abilities have I always had to heal which I’ve never acknowledged?

Which abilities have I always had which I’ve buried deep away, because the little girl didn’t understand the intensity?

Where did I tune myself down because I could perceive that I was being just too much for everyone around me?

About a year ago I listened to a Tour of Consciousness video of Dr. Dain Heer the cofounder of access consciousness which says Nobody can be THAT Happy. As I listened to this video I was laughing and crying at the same time because that was so true for me!!!

On my journey of self discovery at one point someone told me about empaths. What they actually said is that they think that I’m an empath. To me it was just like…what the hell are you talking about?
An as I started reading up about characteristics about empaths I realized that indeed it was true. Here is an article that might give you an idea of some of the traits of an Empath.

But still it didn’t make sense not in the way I got clarity today.

See there was never a day that I’ve not been that.

The only difference is that I didn’t understand it. Didn’t acknowledge it. Didn’t allow it, didn’t allow me to just be me. 

Thinking back to my childhood. There was so much that I could perceive, and the only way I knew how to cope at that stage was to be really loud. Yet even that was just a way of functioning in a world that was strange to me. A world that I wanted to heal. And I could do that and I can do it and I am that.

My parents were always supportive. Let me clarify this, we’re not just talking about someone who is really gifted in their creative abilities. Someone who can do art and crafts and paint and draw.

These are actual abilities to help people calm their emotions. To heal. To inspire others to find their joy again.

What I know now is no child who is trying to please their parents can actually be true to themselves. Even at a very young age children want to be the good child.

Everywhere that you have decided that you need to be the good or perfect child are you willing to let that go please?


But please do yourself a favor, please allow yourself to be you. Without the seriousness. The one who has a hearty laugh, who has a sense of humour. Who loves doing hand stands at the most impossible moment. And even more…….

It isn’t that a parent is mean in requiring children to be perfect. To the contrary it could actually just be an ability from a child to sense, to such an extent that they change their personality, where people around them needs comfort and assurance.

A few days ago I watched a video on facebook from Sarah Heer Grandinetti a mother who is so proud of her 9 year old daughter for just being herself, and it touched me greatly. To see this video please have a look on vs3gravity facebook page.

This story was an eye opening moment to acknowledge that which I truly am. It made me see how if we understand the gifts that children have and if we are in allowance for them to use them and create with that it can heal the world in magical ways.

Once again this made me realize that children sometimes misidentify their joy for sadness, based on that which they learn form their parents and people around them. The adults don’t know different.

There where we are in allowance for others to be fun, and silly and filled with laughter  we also can allow OURSELVES to be fun and silly and the craziness we truly be.

It is a journey to heal the inner child.

There is so much more to heal through laughter. By being filled with joy.
It enables us to not hold onto the emotions, feelings that are placed upon on us from every direction.

If no one was watching and you allowed the release of the personal judgement you have been doing….What would you do or be different?

What would you choose?
What would you create?

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If no one was watching and you had no one watching which dance would you do in celebration of YOU.