VS3Gravity sprouted out of my love for guiding other people and also appreciating all the beautiful things in life. Through traveling the world, the one thing that I have noticed was that most people feel ‘stuck’ in their lives – unenthused and filled with personal judgements or resentments. My own journey has been filled with many ups and downs, but it has given me much gratitude for every little and big thing in my life. I am extremely grateful for every person who has crossed my path – YOU have all been a blessings.

VS3Gravity is my own story of finding Vitality and Vibrancy in my life. The whole process of moving through various stages and names (that is what the S is for). I believe all the amazing things in life comes in 3’s but more importantly also exponentially.

The Gravity is about drawing in the positivity through Gratitude for life. Gratitude is all it takes!